Happy Meteor Day

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Meteor Day Checkin

Thousands of developers worldwide are celebrating Meteor Day today. We decided to challenge ourselves to build a cross platform checkin system powered by Meteor to let our peers in every Meteor friendly city leave their mark on this unapologetically geeky celebration of isomorphic javascript. Meteor Day Checkin (MDC) is 100% javascript with a thin layer of HTML and CSS. MDC runs on your iPhone and Android as well as mobile browsers and it has an online dashboard that lets you keep an eye on how Meteor is taking over the world. Give it a try. MDC is open source.

Massive shout outs to all the members of MDG, Meteor’s community managers and every single member of the Meteor community wherever you are. Special thanks to Deutsche Telekom for killing internet in our office just as we were getting ready to push the final version online.

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