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At the Bakery we’ve been mostly focusing on software and design both for fun and profit. As of recently, we’ve started looking at community building, growth hacking (whatever that means) and various topics surrounding emerging marketing techniques.

The experiment

Today we are announcing our first experiment in this field - Meteor Daily. Our goal is to test and document various techniques we’ll be trying to grow this Twitter account from 0 (literally) to hero. We’ll have regular installments talking about our progress and detailing steps we are taking to achieve our goals. You can follow us on Twitter to tag along. We have absolutely no clue how this is going to go but we’ll keep our reports super honest and hopefully informative. 

Introducing Meteor Daily

Meteor is a javascript framework we’ve been using for some of our projects. Meteor Daily will be highlighting the most relevant and interesting content about Meteor ecosystem - news, tutorials, people and companies using the framework. The tagline was chosen accordingly - Daily dose of everything  in your feed.

Things we did

  • set up our Twitter account (
  • made a new shiny logo: stars, meteors and such (can’t go wrong with stars and meteors)
  • set up a few Twitter lists that will provide meteor centric feeds where we can look for content and inspiration (
  • set up our Buffer account
  • put together an editable Google doc to gather more information about companies and individuals using Meteor and shared it on Twitter
  • composed the geekiest first tweet in the history of Twitter

Current stats

So after 1 day, basic setup, a few random tweets and retweets here we are


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